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  • Fiber Arts Festival Omaha Aug. 2022

    Thanks to all that attended the 2nd Fiber Arts Festival Omaha! It was a great time. We have tons of photos, the following is just a sampling, but we wanted to quickly share some. Special thanks to fiber artist and owner of FeltersForte, Deb Koesters for dropping in for a surprise visit! We’re so grateful […]

  • It’s official!

    Fiber Arts Omaha officially incorporated as a Nebraska non-profit on June 21, 2022. We’ve also received notice we’ve been approved for federal tax-exempt status effective June 21, 2022. We’re certainly looking forward to the future and supporting our community ethically and with integrity. Calandra Cooper, director, Fiber Arts Omaha

  • Fiber Arts Month: October 2022

    How exciting! October has been named Fiber Arts Month in Omaha. It’s nice that the city and the Mayor are so willing to support the arts! Over the last few months we’ve seen Fiber Arts Omaha conducting its second annual Fiber Arts Festival Omaha event. The week long fiber arts retreat that ended with a […]

  • La Sonya Luther

    At Bancroft, Saturday, August 6, 2022 Time: 5pm Lecturer, La Sonya Luther has a passion for holistic sustainable-urban farming and for the serenity nature of English Angora rabbits and their beautiful fiber. La Sonya operated a 11.86-acre farm in Marietta, IL with her husband and two daughters in 2013, raising a variety of animals. Today, […]

  • What to expect during Fiber Arts Festival 2022