Material Donations

We are thankful for your donation and inquiry. However, all donations are by appointment. Please do not drop off unscheduled items. Thank you so much for your thoughtful consideration. It’s greatly appreciated.

Please email: 

We divert materials that are destined for landfills by collecting and re-distributing them to people who can use it for education, art, and inspiration. Community members and local businesses can reduce waste and also help enrich education and the arts.

We also accept unused materials.


We accept donations of clean and usable art and craft supplies. Contact to make an appointment. 

**We kindly ask that you organize your materials in advance. For example: fabric folded, small items bagged, similar items grouped together.**

Not sure about your donation? Please fill out the form.

Please note, we do accept fabric of at least one full yard. 

We cannot accept:   

  • Clothing, curtains, and half-finished sewing and art projects
  • Household goods 
  • Black or white plastic
  • Computers, printers, ink cartridges, software
  • Food containers
  • Medication bottles
  • Styrofoam or packing peanuts
  • Toilet paper rolls or egg cartons
  • Broken glass, ceramics, dishes
  • Three-ring binders
  • File folders
  • Magazines (craft, fashion or other)
  • Knick knacks & souvenirs 
  • Household paint
  • Items in poor condition due to dirt or age
  • Illegal or obscene items

Please note: We currently have a limited capacity for large quantities of the same or similar materials.