Youth Sketchbook Project 2023

Both a visual and collaborative experience, the ‘Be Inspired’ Sketchbook 2023 Project.

It is an opportunity for youth members to gain confidence and be inspired by the world around them through drawing, sketching and talking about art-to express their world visually, while sharing their artwork with the wider community of Omaha.    

“The importance of drawing, at any age, can’t be undervalued. When the craft is nurtured, you have the ability to positively affect your mental health and intellectual development,” says Calandra Cooper, project designer, “Art is also a great outlet for mental healing, managing stress and in learning how to show empathy for others,”  Cooper continues, “but it’s critical in helping young people acquire the literacy and communication skills they need today, because art is self-directed, hands-on learning.” 

This year’s sketchbooks don’t have a particular theme, instead participants are encouraged to include whatever inspires them.  

Although the project is mostly self-directed to help youth further explore individual creativity, in-person and online creative sessions will introduce participants to a wide range of mixed media techniques and materials.

The vision for what’s to become an annual event is to:

  • Inspire creativity in a no-pressure, non-competitive environment, 
  • Encourage youth to use art as a creative outlet for managing stress and inspiring self-confidence and motivation and to 
  • Encourage positive collaboration between youth. 

The 2023 ‘Be Inspired’ Sketchbook Project launches Jan. 2023. Sketchbooks will be available for viewing, March 2023.